Meet the Alchemists

The Power of Three

It encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. The triangle is the strongest geometric shape. It appears in a number of religions and ancient ideologies.

The basic tenet of Wicca is the rule of three. The energy we put out into the world comes back to us threefold.

Three is power, magic, energy, humor, satiety. 

Welcome to Arcane Trine Alchemists. Three different women from three different backgrounds of three different ages come together to harness the power of three to help you manifest intentions. 

Arcane (mysterious) Trine (three) alchemists (magic).

Three witches with slightly different approaches to the craft. There is no correct way to practice, celebrate, or divine–and we encourage the same in those we encounter.

Allow us to share our journeys, our knowledge, and our rituals with you. We offer a variety of options for you from one-off readings to yearly subscriptions. Choose the right alchemist for you.

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  • Andrea

    Andrea is a self-proclaimed millennial witch. She comes from a line of intuitive strong women which she takes pride in. Her mother was the first to point out that she just “knew” things as a child. Andrea came more into her practice in her early twenties when a psychic approached her at a fair and asked “Why don’t you use your gifts?” Andrea has read other successful psychics in Western New York and thus started to believe in herself and her abilities. She started to officially dive into her practice in 2018 and has been developing skills and growing since.

    Andrea is drawn to the shadow, death, astrology, and sex/relationships. Her approach to the craft consists of intuition, emotion, and a dash of chaotic fun.

    Disclaimer: Andrea works with both Dark and Light forces. That can make some uncomfortable. Please proceed if you feel comfortable.

    Readings by Andrea 
  • Hannah

    Hannah believes there is magic all around us--if we just choose to look for it. She spends her time reading, writing, cooking, hiking, and being creative in any way she so chooses. Hannah is an eclectic witch who’s craft focuses on kitchen magic, green and herbal craft, as well as manifestation and divination.

    While she didn’t certainly come from a long line of proclaimed witches or pagans, Hannah felt a strong connection to Nature at a young age.

    To this day, she’d rather walk the Earth barefoot than wear shoes. Her connection to the spirituality of the natural world and her distaste for organized religion led her to her current path.

    Hannah’s approach to the craft is an equal melding of intuition, inspiration, and tradition.  Her traditions lie in those of the Eastern European pagans as well as a strong interest in Norse and Germanic mythology and folklore. When doing a reading, Hannah focuses on the inquirer and the situation presented. Unless a specific spread has been chosen beforehand, Hannah reads intuitively, creating spreads, mixing decks, and reading until she feels the question has been answered or the cards are done.

    Readings by Hannah 
  • Pauline

    Pauline always knew she was “special” (and not because her parents told her so because she's from the non-special generation). Intuitiveness runs in her family. It is said she comes from a long line of “witches” though none truly identified as Wiccan other than Pauline. The term “witches” in this case would mean “women who know and act and subsequently scare the bejesus out of mere mortal men.”

    She came to Tarot after having a reading in New Orleans. (If you are going to be introduced to the craft, New Orleans is a good place to start!) She was with my college roommate and they happened into this small little occult shop. They had a reading. The gentleman who read Pauline's cards told her I needed to buy a deck because she was “special” and people would eventually seek her out for readings.

    Of course, as a young adult, she thought he was full of crap.

    Of course, as an impressionable young adult, she bought a deck.

    Of course, as a middle-aged, sassy witch, people seek her out for readings. 

    Here you are!

    She is drawn to Nordic mythology. She discovered Runes - a Nordic divination tool and ancient Nordic alphabet - many years ago and has been reading them successfully since. For Pauline, they work much as Tarot cards do. They just provide a different method to the same end.

    Readings by Pauline 
  • How it Works

    Choose your alchemist! Yes, we all read tarot cards, but our approach is quite different from one another. We also bring other divine talents to the table. Choose one that resonates with you based on past experiences or the videos/bios on this website. Please don’t worry. If you choose one and it doesn’t work (hey, it can happen), you may choose another. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied.

    Choose your service! Do you want a monthly reading? Then choose our yearly subscription option (which you may pay once yearly or each month). Do you want a reading once a year? We have an option for you. Or maybe you just want to give it a try. Take a look at the different options available. You may also change your service if you like.

    Choose your delivery! All of our readings come with photos and a PDF explanation, but you can also request other forms of delivery. Do you want an audio reading like a podcast? Do you prefer a scheduled Zoom call? Would you like a recorded Zoom call? Are you nearby and want us to visit? We have several options from which to choose.

  • Why should you choose us?

    We offer a variety of divination services to suit you. Certainly one will fit your wants and needs!

    Three witches, three approaches, several delivery options. Variety.

    We keep track of your readings so we can refer to what we’ve said in the past. That helps to enhance your current reading.

    Seasonal subscription boxes!