We Three Witches: A Brief Introduction to the Arcane Trine Alchemists

We Three Witches: A Brief Introduction to the Arcane Trine Alchemists

Who are We?

Chaos, upheaval, indecision, disrespect, questioning…..

Is this where I want to be with my life?

I thought I would have accomplished more.

What am I doing and why?

How do I know I am on the right path?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions or felt these same emotions of chaos and indecision, you are not alone. Would it surprise you to know that ATA started with these emotions? With these same questions?

Pauline is the professor. Hannah was her student. Andrea, Hannah’s friend. All of us witches.

Hannah needed an escape. She took to the enchanted mountains (an apt name) for a weeklong retreat. As it happens, that retreat wasn’t far from Pauline’s homestead so Pauline drove the long, winding and potholed dirt road to the cabin in the sky. An afternoon of food and wine (there was much wine) yielded much discussion of the metaphysical, esoteric, future, fun, and fantasy. Pauline and Hannah had struggled with feelings of upheaval and chaos and indecision. They questioned where they were in life and what they felt they still needed to accomplish but felt stuck in moving forward. Mired in mental anxiety but empowered by a pinot buzz, they talked about starting something….something about writing?

A few weeks later, Hannah was at the homestead. Another afternoon of food and wine (there was much wine) and an idea was born. Hannah said she didn’t think it was complete, though. It was just Pauline and Hannah. Two is not the best number. Three. Trine.

Hannah mentioned her friend Andrea and said she had skills that were complementary and that the three witches could complete a solid triangle.

Andrea was brought to the fold in yet another afternoon of…..you get the point. That there would be three like-minded but different witches willing and able to take on the challenge before them was more than coincidental. And it felt right. The energy and passion were evident.

Three different women from three different backgrounds of three different ages come together to harness the power of three to help you manifest intentions. Arcane Trine Alchemists was manifested.

Pauline is the eldest witch (she’s 52 and not afraid to say so). She has been reading tarot cards for nearly 30 years, 20 of them seriously. She is fascinated with the otherworldly, the not yet explained. Her background is in science but that doesn’t preclude a belief in the supernatural. Her approach is straightforward and honest. She reads tarot cards and has numerous decks for any number of occasions or feelings. She also reads runes. She is a Leo and was born in the year of the Rooster. She considers herself a kitchen and green witch. If there is one thing she would like to learn it’s how better to work with crystals and crystal magic. She is a solitary witch, which means she is not a member of a coven. 

@pwhoffmann, Readings by Pauline

Hannah would rather walk barefoot than wear shoes! She is a kitchen and green witch. It is possible to surround oneself with nature even in a closed space and Hannah lives that since her apartment contains 4,017 houseplants of different sorts. (Just kidding, it’s only 150 houseplants in a two-bedroom apartment.) Hannah reads intuitively, creating spreads, mixing decks, and reading until she feels the question has been answered or the cards are done. She is 26, a Pisces and born in the year of the Boar. She has been reading tarot for 10 years and oracle for a handful; she is a continuous student of the cards. In recent years, she's expanded into elemental divination, using water and fire scrying as well as geomancy. She would like to learn more about reading tea leaves and combining elemental divinations. Her background is in writing and publishing. She is working on several stories and books at once (writers do this). Her creativity drives her in all things.

@hr_gordon, Readings by Hannah

Andrea inherited her magic from a long line of powerful, intuitive women. Andrea is drawn to the shadow, death, astrology, and sex/relationships. She is an electric/ cosmic witch. Her approach to the craft consists of intuition, emotion(healing), and a dash of chaotic fun(sometimes wine is involved). When reading she shuffles and keeps going until she intuitively feels what is needed to be said comes out mixing different decks. She also uses clairaudience and clairvoyance when reading. She is 28 years old. She is an Aries and was born in the year of the Rooster. She has been reading tarot, oracle, clairvoyance professionally for four years, and astrology professionally for one year. She would like to learn more about ancestral work. Her background is in information technology professionally but enjoys divination, art, and some fun DnD.

@art.andrea93, Readings by Andrea

Each of the alchemists has a strong connection to nature. Each feels power in her ability to manifest, divine, and seek truth. Each felt their gift but needed someone unrelated to tell them to use their magic! As a result, each feels a calling to share her unique gifts.

While each of us may read Tarot, we also bring something different to the fold (Hannah, oracle, Andrea, birth chart, Pauline, rune). Choose your alchemist, preferred divination technique and preferred subscription. We are here to guide you and learn more about ourselves in the process.


Here at ATA we are dedicated to providing you with the best of ourselves. We are using our skills and talents and our dedication to our practice to guide and entertain you. We are sharing our knowledge, love and light to inspire, empower and challenge you.