New Moon in Pisces: March 2, 2022

New Moon in Pisces: March 2, 2022

The new moon. Not quite as popular as the full moon, more like the full moon’s less sexy sister, really. The quiet, unobtrusive sibling—so quiet that you may not even realize that they are there. The new moon doesn’t light up the night sky as beautifully as the full moon, but the calmness and sense of renewal it brings makes it the perfect moon to manifest under. 

The March 2, 2022, new moon is the New Moon in Pisces, which can usher in new changes, creative transformation, and rejuvenation in our confidence of our authentic selves. All new moons offer a fantastic opportunity for manifestation, but, like each full moon, each new moon offers a bit of specialized energy as well. The New Moon in Pisces is a great time to manifest creative healing and transformation, passion projects, and deeply personal/emotional healing. This new moon should feel like a breath of fresh air.

Ready to give manifestation a try? It can be as simple as journaling what you want. Or saying it aloud in quiet ceremony. It can be whatever you feel called for it to be. Some folks like to write on paper and burn it. Others bury manifestations in their backyard. Some simply meditate for a period of time, focusing only on what they wish to manifest. There is no incorrect way to practice manifestation.

In my practice, I use a variety of the methods I mentioned above. (Perhaps I’ll write about them in more detail in the future!) This new moon is especially close to me, as it is my twenty-seventh birthday on March 2. (As a writer with a passion for children’s literature, I’m incredibly proud to share a birthday with the one and only Dr. Seuss.) I’m presently writing/researching two manuscripts, one fiction and one non-fiction, as well as battling a bit of self-doubt. That means for this Pisces Moon, my manifestations will be focused on my writing and acceptance of myself as I am. 

Looking for inspiration for your manifestations? Consider these topics in your New Moon in Pisces manifestations: 

New Moon in Pisces Manifestations

  • Have you been unkind to yourself? Manifest acceptance of your own imperfections.
  • Have you judged another unfairly? Manifest acceptance of their imperfections.
  • Feeling antsy? Meditate on and plan a project to tackle during this moon cycle that requires imagination and visualization skills. Allow yourself to suspend disbelief for a bit. Manifest that project.
  • Feeling worn out? Set aside time for peace for yourself: meditation, journaling, and rejuvenating activities can help to put you back on track. They are also great tools for manifestation! When you quiet your mind, you begin to build your future in it. 
  • Feeling disconnected? The steps above may help if you want to reconnect internally, but if you want to get a little deeper with someone, share your dreams with them. Ask them about theirs. When we open ourselves to another, we embrace our vulnerable and empathetic Pisces energies, which will thrive during this time.  


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