Let's Talk about Sex (Magick), Baby

Let's Talk about Sex (Magick), Baby

Happy Valentine’s Day, you sexy people! Let’s talk a little bit about a more taboo subject—sex magick. Sex Magick is any type of sexual activity used in magical or ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuit. 

If we think about energy work the premise is that sex and orgasms are a great potent force that can be harnessed to the magicians’ requirements. Now remember you can attempt to cast many spells using sex magick, but the first thing to remember is that magic works best when done on and for yourself. Magick cast on any non-consenting party is a no go. The key word here is consent, whether in the physical act or using the energy magick. Now that we have briefly discussed consent you may be wondering how you can harness the powerful energy or sexual magick? 

Let’s say Valentine’s Day is looking a bit dry, and you're feeling frisky with yourself. At the top of your orgasm, you can imagine a manifestation or a deep desire coming true in that moment, keep hold of that image until you finish. This can speed up the process of your deepest desires and wishes using the power of your own body. Another fun approach of incorporating some magick in your sex life is including lunar vibrations. To do so, set your favorite sex toy by the full or new moon so the next fun time is charged with that moon’s visualizations and intentions. Use the full moon for power, success, goals coming to fruition, and charging items with lunar energy. Use the new moon for a fresh start, setting intentions, cleansing, and self-development. 

Sex magick can also use colors to help elevate the intention within the act. You can do a quick google search of color magick to check the colors associated with each intention. For example, if you want to bring in more money, you may use green. So you can use a candle that is green while in the act, you can wear green lingerie, or paint your nails green to set that energy visualization. If you want to heal in love, you can use white with your partner or alone. The most noted colors when practicing sex magick would be pink and red.  Pink generally symbolizes love itself, while red symbolizes passion, lust, attraction of a sexual partner, improvement in stamina, and potency. (However, keep in mind that red candle magick isn’t super subtle. You’re working with the fiery energy–or Mars the God of war–so it can be a very potent color magick. 

You can also use some herbsto spice up your sexy energy into your spell work and life: hibiscus (for lust), lavender (removes anxiety), red rose (passion), catnip (Lust), and jasmine (attraction). You can load these into candles, sprinkle under the sheets before the act, or add to a petition packet. 

Sex magic can be an amazing way to help you manifest or implement your goals and dreams. You can do this all by concentrating and releasing your personal energy into the world.  So whether you plan to try this yourself or with a consenting partner, may you find the great release of powerful, loving energy within yourself this February. Happy ending folks. 



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