Astrological Update: Pluto's Return to the U.S. Means Power Shifts

Astrological Update: Pluto's Return to the U.S. Means Power Shifts

As many of you may be aware–or blissfully unaware–according to the stars, Pluto will be returning to the United States on February 22, 2022. This is a rare event, as it happens around every 248 years where its astrological chart first began. This is the Pluto return that hasn’t happened in the United States since the country was founded in 1776. 

Pluto is a tad mysterious, representing death and rebirth, bringing on the ending and beginning of new karmic cycles. It can also rule over interpersonal skills and power struggles, and it can shine a light on your personal power. Historically, Pluto returns happen around the end of empires and during the transfer of power. An example of this is the Roman Empire: the start of the Empire was 27 BCE, and Pluto’s first return here occurred during 216-223 AD which coincides with a period of instability and change within the Roman Empire. 

In the United States’ astrological chart, Pluto is in Capricorn, the second house of money, property, security, and values. Capricorn is the sign of infrastructure, hard work, and earning. These concepts seem to align with the traditional values of the American dream. But Pluto is a slower-moving planet. I think we can all agree that it's fair to say that the 2020s, in general, have been a catalyst for change–but what many may have not realized is that it is also the beginning of America’s Pluto return. 

This all may seem kind of doom and gloom, but change isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. We can see some examples of Pluto’s impact now in looking at the Great Resignation. Workers are no longer staying in low-paying jobs or toxic work environments. This is just one example of a major shift in the balance of power. We are most likely going to see societal-level changes during this period. 

If I can make a major prediction, I see that there will be major shifts in power where the working class will demand fairness, and the larger percentage of lower-wage working people will demand more from the one percent. I see shifts where we may be trading service instead of physical cash or making changes to what we see as the traditional American dream. Only time and history will tell what the Pluto return will bring to us.


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