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Arcane Trine Alchemists

Four-Layout Tarot Spread

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Pauline uses four different layouts of the cards to get at the heart of your question/situation and/or help steer you.

Layout One: Pauline looks at the problem. Your immediate past and future, your hopes and fears related to the issue, how your family and friends feel, and you're more far-reaching future.

Layout Two: A three-card spread looking at past, present, and future.

Layout Three: Seven cards are pulled in a circle that allow Pauline to interpret additional information about your situation.

Layout Four: Pulling it all together. Pauline reads the problem, notes what you have working for you or against you, what you may do to help with your situation, and what the future may hold.

All four-layout tarot spreads are read by Pauline. Pauline reads four-layout spreads for her subscription clients each month. If you are interested in receiving this type of reading on a monthly, quarterly, or pagan-sabbat basis, check out our subscription model and select Pauline as your reader.