February Full Moon: The Snow Moon 2022

February Full Moon: The Snow Moon 2022

February Full Moon

Am I a good witch or a bad witch? I guess it depends on what metric you are using. I am a good witch in that I do not practice so-called “black” magic. I heartily believe in the power of three and know that whatever energy I put out into the world comes back to me threefold. I’m not a fan of bad energy so good it is!

I might be a bad witch, though, if the metric you use asks if I have a ritual or celebration for all the sabbats, full moons, and new moons. I do not. I usually practice on each of the sabbats (or most of them) and the full moons (or most of them). I do not do new moon rituals. Why not? I honestly don’t know. I just don’t.

If you are a strict witch that might bother you. Thankfully, none of the alchemists are a strict witch! We accept who you are and where you are. We are not bothered. You do you.

As witches, full moons are incredibly meaningful. There is much energy associated with the moon. If we think about science for just a second, we know that the moon and its energy is the reason we have oceanic tides. Since we, as humans, are 60 percent water, it is no wonder that the moon impacts us so strongly – whether or not we realize it. In fact, a study in the mid-1980s looked at three different towns (one rural, one industrial and one urban) and found a statistically significant difference in the incidence of crimes during a full moon over new moons and solstices. There is something about the gravitational pull of the moon. (To be clear, we are not suggesting you commit a crime nor are we suggesting you blame it on the moon should you commit a crime. It’s just an interesting antidote with some science behind it.)

All of that is a preface to the February full moon, also known as the Snow Moon. (It will take place at 11:59 a.m. EST on February 16, 2022.) Each full moon may have its own meaning, much as the sabbats and new moons do. This moon generally serves as a form of dedication (or rededication). If you are new to witchcraft – or if you’ve lapsed a bit (hey, it happens), you might use the February full moon as a time to dedicate yourself to the craft. If you are a practicing witch it may be a time to rededicate yourself to the practice. 

It may also be a time when you may dedicate yourself to something else you find important in your life. Do you need to dedicate yourself to finding a new job? Finding a new partner? Dedicate yourself to self-improvement and/or self-care?

Each witch may follow a different ritualistic practice. I always perform a Tarot and Rune reading on myself after I have cast my circle and lit the appropriate candles. I have a candle for each direction (north, east, south, west) as well as one each for the God and Goddess. (A note, many witches light a candle or call on the Goddess during full moon rituals as the moon is her representative. That is fine. I often call on both the God and Goddess.) 

Some witches may write a rhyming ritual they perform. I don’t do that. I set my intentions and either speak them aloud or meditate upon them. If I am inside, as is likely in February, I will make sure the moon is visible to me during my ritual. After I have extinguished my candles and opened my sacred circle, I like to stand outside while I look up at the moon. It is freeing and empowering to bathe in the light and energy. After performing the ritual, you certainly feel the energy in an enlightened way.



Readings by Pauline

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